Almost people in the world know what handphone is and how to use it. Handphone has been an indispensable item in our life, no doubt anymore about that fact. Handphone makes our communication become easier. We can call someone from another place, city, and even more country. There is no limitation anymore in our life. Because of that, we can see that handphone producers compete to produce various model of handphone from year to year. So, there are a lot of various model of handphone in market now. But, have you known that handphone has many bad effects to our body? Here, I am going to inform you about those effects.

The first effect is handphone cause the damage of DNA structure on children. In the early 1996, a research is done by University of Washington, Seattle, USA, finds that the EMR which is produced by handphone is proven cause the damage of DNA structure. Parents should not give handphone to their under – 8 years – children.

The second effect is handphone cause brain tumor. The researchers from National Radiology Protection Board, England, said that electromagnetic radiation which is produced by handphone cause brain tumor. Prof. Henry Lai, a researcher from University of Washington, USA, said that the effect of radiation to the children is very dangerous because their brains are still in growth. They are susceptible to get radiation. The length period of brain tumor to grow in body is about 30 until 40 years.

The third effect is handphone cause cancer. A research project made by a researcher group in German, try to know the effect of radiation of handphone to the cells in human body and animal. The result shows that radiation from handphone damages the cells. Cells are mutated by radiation and the mutation causes cancer in human body. The radiation level is used for this research is around 0.3 – 2 Watt/Kilogram. While most of handphone transmit radio signal or SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is around 0.5 – 1 Watt/Kilogram. SAR is the average maximal value of radio energy that can be absorbed by human body. These are list of high and low SAR handphones. The International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection recommends that the limits of SAR on handphone should be 2 Watt/Kilogram.

Besides those ills, there are the other ills cause by handphone, they are ear tumor, brain cancer, the damage and reduce production of sperm until 30%, and salivary gland cancer.

Now we have known some bad effects of handphone. But, how can we avoid those effects totally whereas handphone is primary needs in our life? Off course, it is difficult. We cannot do it totally. There are some tips on how reducing bad effects of handphone to our body. They are:

1.    Do not let children using handphone

Body organs of children are in growth. So that is why, they are sensitive on electromagnetic wave. A pregnant woman should use telephone rather than handphone. Just use handphone in emergency situation.

2.    Keep it away from our body when use it

The electromagnetic wave amplitude is quarter of total energy on 2 inch and 50 lower on 3 feet. Because of that, try to always use phone speaker or Bluetooth wireless headset.

3.    Avoiding bringing handphone in pocket every time

Do not put handphone close to your body even more in the night. You should not put handphone under your pillow or on the bed table. The radiation of handphone causes insomnia.

4.    Put the keyboard part looks out on our body

Make sure put your handphone in that position in order to avoiding electromagnetic wave from your body.

5.    Avoiding calling someone for a long time

Do not be tempted by advertisements on TV which offers a cheap rate to call in a long time. Be careful with biologic effect made by the using handphone on a long conversation. Try to use handphone if you really need.

6.    Change the position Handphone routinely when we are calling someone.

Try not to focus put your handphone only on one side of your ear, but, change the position routinely. Before put your handphone on ear, wait until your interlocutor accept your call.

7.    Avoiding using handphone when the signal is low

Try to avoid using handphone when the signal is low (just one bar). When the signal is low, handphone tries to get signal by maximal power and it causes the electromagnetic wave higher.

Although there are some researches prove the negative effects of handphone to our body, in fact there is an increasing purchase of handphone. Now, there are more than 570 million the handphone users and we can predict the amount of them will increase until 1.4 billion in 5 years more.

written by Teguh Wijayanto, S.Pd, English Teacher of SMP Negeri 1 Long Ikis, Kab. Paser, Kalimantan Timur


About Teguh Wijayanto, S.Pd

I am an English teacher at SMP Negeri 1 Long Ikis

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